Welcome to the Show

My wife bought me the Amazon Echo Show for Christmas and I was totally surprised because I really wanted it, but I wasn’t sure I could justify the purchase. First of all, I have an Amazon Echo Dot in just about every room of the house and the Show costs $229.99 (179.99 on sale) which is considerably more expensive than the Echo Dot. It is a sleek looking device and I knew it would look good on my breakfast bar, but I wasn’t sure it was that much better than the Echo Dot.

As I mentioned in an earlier review of the Echo Dot, Alexa is always listening and ready to answer questions. With the Show, Alexa can display the answers visually thanks to the 7-inch touch screen. The Echo Show will let you watch video recipes so you can learn and visually see how to prepare your favorite meals and it will show you the lyrics to your favorite songs. One of the most entertaining functions of the Show is the ability to play movies on Amazon Prime as long as you have a membership.

The Show possesses the same skills as the Echo Dot, but it has much better sound quality. Another plus for the Show is the ability to do video calling. I am fascinated by the potential of this device; however, I need a little more from The Show before I can recommend pulling the trigger on this device because of the cost factor. But in my opinion, Alexa just works better with a touchscreen which makes it a welcome addition to our smart home.