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Long Live the King: LeBron 16

Long Live the King: LeBron 16

Photo courtesy of finishline.com

Photo courtesy of finishline.com

The 16th edition of the Nike LeBron shoe just might be one of my favorite shoes of all time. This shoe is extremely comfortable and has excellent support for the weekend warrior basketball players or those who are in it for the style like myself. The design of the shoe is pure fire. The creators of the shoe did a great job with combining the Battleknit with elements of leather while providing creative color schemes. The design of the shoe allows for people to rock ‘em with athletic gear as well as casual.

I am not enamored with the $185 price tag, but that’s right on par for a signature Lebron James shoe. Nevertheless, it is rather expensive, but that is the only drawback to this shoe. If you were lucky enough (and not unlucky like me) maybe you were able to cop the LeBron 16 SuperBron’s which is an awesome looking shoe, but like most new releases those did not last long.

Product Details

  • New, Battleknit 2.0 upper focuses on tensile strength

  • Low collar allows for freer movement on court

  • Gusseted leather tongue makes for an easy on and off

  • Evolved Max Air Cushioning system

  • Rubber outsole for durable traction

  • The Nike LeBron 16 is imported