Sequoia: One of DC's Gems

My wife and I have kept the same restaurants in our rotation and we were pretty much on autopilot when it came to dining. We finally decided to ditch the same old, same old and we decided that we would expand our taste buds and engage in some fresh, new and hopefully exciting dining pleasures. We always wanted to dine at Sequoia in DC and for whatever reason we just couldn’t fit it in to our schedule so it only made since for Sequoia to be our first stop. 

Sequoia’s would probably be more appropriate during the late spring, summer or early autumn as it sits along the Potomac River which seems to be more ideal. That being said dining at Sequoia in the winter offers a treat if you are into ice skating as an ice skating rink sits just outside of the entrance. 

Sequoia has a very good menu, offering some very good food options. They have common items such as Prime US Bone in Ribeye and Whole Main Lobster to Squid Ink Seafood Pasta and Kale Quinoa Butternut Squash Salad. Our taste are rather simplistic (although my wife has been known to expand her food choices on occasions) as I ordered Jumbo Lump Crabcakes and my wife ordered Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass and we shared a Sequoia salad. Both were phenomenal choices. The atmosphere was very romantic as we had an excellent view of the Potomac, subtle lighting and excellent wine choices. The decor was contemporary and welcoming and the service was impeccable. 

I would highly recommend Sequoia for a romantic outing, anniversaries, or just because. If you happen to plan a more festive outing like a birthday get together among friends and family, you have to try the Scarlet Tower; one of the most impressive appetizers I have ever seen. I wouldn’t recommend Sequoia for regular family dining because it is not inexpensive; although, I did see a family celebrating a littler girl’s birthday. That being said, Sequoia is a great restaurant and my wife and I can’t wait to return.