Nobody’s Fool: A Rom-Com Worth Seeing

My wife and I rarely catch movies on opening weekend because we try to avoid the crowds. If by chance we are at the theater for an opening, it’s more by chance than a want or a need to see the movie and that’s exactly what happened this past Saturday. Life got in the way and off to the theater we went to see “Nobody’s Fool.”

Tiffany Haddish’s role in Nobody’s Fool was different than the roles she played in prior movies because this Tyler Perry inspired presentation allowed Ms. Haddish to crank it up a notch. Based on the movie’s R rating, she was able to unleash her unfiltered, profane, comedic carnage for the first time in a motion picture. The movie started out with the highly successful Danica (Tika Sumpter) on the verge of eclipsing another wrung on the career ladder. Like in most romantic comedies, the only thing that was missing in her life was a successful male counterpart that would address all of her wants. Although she had never actually met her soulmate in person, she virtually carried on a relationship with the man of her dreams via phone calls and messages for a year.

When her sister Tanya (Tiffany Haddish) was released from jail, she fully integrated herself into her Danica’s life by moving in with her and getting a job at her sister’s favorite coffee joint which is owned by Frank (Omari Hardwick). Frank is a genuine, pleasant guy, who hired Tanya as a means to get closer to Danica. Despite his gentlemanly qualities, he doesn’t check off enough boxes on Danica’s list of her ideal man because of his past indiscretions. Nevertheless, Frank is unyielding in his attempt to win her over and won’t stop at nothing to get Danica’s attention.

Tanya is suspicious about her sister’s love interest Charlie because her sister has never met him in person so she implores the assistance of the show Catfish to track him down. Despite the poor reviews received on Rotten Tomatoes, this rom-com has its moments. I would have love to seen a little more Tiffany Haddish towards the end of the movie, but the romantic part of this rom-com took over which left Tiffany on the outside looking in during the final scenes.

Whoopi Goldberg was a welcoming addition to the movie and Chris Rock also provided a few laughs in his cameo. “Nobody’s Fool” would have given the movie a little more substance if Danica paid for her poor decisions. I am not a big fan of Madea movies and at times Haddish reminds me of a younger, more vulgar Madea. Nevertheless, Nobody’s Fool had enough laughs, enough teachable moments and enough romantic qualities to make this a very good date night movie.