Incredibles 2: 14 Years Worth Waiting For

Although both of my boys watched Incredibles, neither one of my sons were born when the original Incredibles movie was released back in 2004. My youngest son is right in the heart of the Pixar stage, while my oldest son is exiting the animated movie stage so I wasn't sure if this would work for our family. Thankfully, Incredibles 2 was able to capture the attention of both my boys as well as their parents. 

The movie started off with plenty of action which was needed after watching the lack-luster animated short that preceded the feature presentation. Mr. Incredible, his wife Elastigirl and their children along with the super cool Frozone tried to foil the plans of a bank robber at the beginning of the movie but proved to be unsuccessful. This led to the superhero family getting chastised by authorities and politicians; all but revoking their ability to be superheroes. 

The movie does a great job of interweaving elements of parenting, empowerment, and relationships into the story as the Incredibles try to reestablish their superhero cause through Elastigirl via Mr. Winston Deavor's affinity for the need of superheroes. The premise of the movie is to have Elastigirl be the lead crime fighter to change the perception of superheroes while Mr. Incredible manages the household. Mr. Incredible has to deal with Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack's issues while dealing with his own insecurities of no longer being the bread winner of the house. Eventually the family reunites to fight additional superheroes that are being controlled by Mrs. Incredibles adversary, Evelyn Deavor.

Although it was 14 years between installments, Incredibles 2 had a good amount of action and humor to go with a very well rounded story. It made for good family entertainment and the movie was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. I would highly recommend the movie for families with children ages 5-12. Hopefully, they won't wait 14 more years for the third installment because my boys will be 25 and 26 and I doubt they will want to see it then.