You Don't Have to Like Chocolate to Enjoy Hershey Park

Neither of my boys like chocolate, but they love Hershey Park. My wife and I took the boys to Hershey Park last summer and they have been looking forward to going back and they are going to get their wish. 

Last year DJ and Drew were Twizzlers (54" to 60") and Hershey's (48" to 54") in reference to their height requirements. This year the boys shot up to Jolly Rancher (60" & taller) and Twizzlers which means they no longer need a parent to ride with them. But I think mom and dad still have a few years where we can crash their party and join in on the fun. 

Hershey Park is an excellent amusement park because there is something for all ages. If you have thrill seeking kids that meet the height requirements, they can conquer their fear on an assortment of roller coasters like the Storm RunnerGreat Bear and the Sidewinder. Parents can also join in on the fun because Hershey Park has an assortment of family rides as well. There was the  Fender Bender and the Frontier Flyers that my boys enjoyed as well as my personal old school favorite, the Scrambler. If you have smaller children, they can have just as much fun on the kiddie rides like the Dizzy Drums, Mini Pirate and the Mini Scrambler

 East Coast Water Works has something for all ages. 

East Coast Water Works has something for all ages. 

The roller coasters, family rides and the kiddie rides (for those who have little kids) are awesome, but it pales in comparison to The Boardwalk. If you love water like my two boys, you will end up spending the majority of your day at The Boardwalk. According to the website, the water park consists of 16 attractions across 11-acres. From the Intercoastal Waterway to the East Coast Waterworks to the new Whitecap Racer. , you are sure to feel like Aquaman. The Shore has 378,000 gallons of fun and my two boys spent the majority of their time navigating the waves.  

Hershey Park also has ZooAmerica, dining, shows, retail and other attractions that are tailor made for parents. Hershey Park makes for an awesome time for kids, but parents will have just as much fun. Be sure to download the Hershey Park Mobile App prior to your arrival to help you navigate the park, find locations, see ride times and create a "To-do-List."