Amazon Echo Dot Got Plenty of Skills, Just Ask Alexa

“Alexa, lock the car doors.”

“Alexa, show me my calendar.”

“Alexa, order dominoes.”

“Alexa, turn hallway lights on to 50%.”

My Amazon Echo Dot is always on and Alexa is always listening. This hockey puck-like device has enhanced our home and brought a level of convenience that seemed unheard of and unlikely until recently. While my boys utilized the device to assist them with their homework, my wife uses it to keep track of our shopping lists and stay current on the latest news with flash news briefings. 

Amazon is constantly evolving, adding new ways to utilize Alexa’s talents by creating new Skills or by adding new things to ask the device. Skills are essentially apps that you add to your Amazon Alexa app. These skills allow Alexa to play music, hear jokes, provide the weather and other miscellaneous things. One of my favorite skills is the Vivint SmartHome skill which allows me to control alarm system, door locks and temperature settings in my home. I also like the Hue skill because it allows me to control my lighting.

The device does not have great sound quality so if you desire to use the device for music, you should connect to a Bluetooth peripheral or use the auxiliary option. Each Amazon Echo Dot costs $49.99 so it can get a little costly especially if you have one in nearly every room as the Turners do. From time to time, Amazon drops the price and that would allow you to save a few pennies when purchasing the device. After that, it is up to you to determine how far you want to take it.