Breaking In: Payback is a Mother 

The movie Breaking In provided mothers with an opportunity to see a suspenseful, thriller starring Gabrielle Union on Mother’s Day weekend. The star of Becoming Mary Jane gave moms everywhere something to cheer about as she portrayed this kick-ass mom willing to do every and anything to save her children.

After the violent demise of her father, Shaun Russell (Union) has to travel to her late father’s property with her son and daughter in order to sell his home. Shaun’s father must have been some sort of criminal mastermind based on the exorbitant amount of security features his home possessed. Almost immediately, Shaun and her two kids were pressed into survival mode as four burglars penetrate the impenetrable fortress and take the kids hostage.

There isn’t anything sophisticated or complex about the story line. The survival instincts of a hard working mother kicks in and she sets out to save her children at all costs. Shaun's husband eventually shows up towards the end of the movie, but he is quickly dismantled by the lead antagonist and rendered unconscious. Personally, I thought Gabrielle Union did a very good job, but there wasn’t much substance to the movie and it really didn't contain any surprises. The movie only received a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and only 32% of fans gave it a rating higher than 3.5 stars.

It was brilliant to release the movie on Mother’s Day weekend because it brought grandmothers, mothers, wives, and daughters to the theaters to see a film that represents mothers in a positive light. Breaking In isn't going to win any awards and although it was very predictable, I found it to be entertaining at times. By the end of the movie there is one thing you will realize; the burglars broke into the wrong f*cking house.