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Making a Splash at Kings Dominion: Soak City Water Park

Making a Splash at Kings Dominion: Soak City Water Park

We had a great time at Kings Dominion today and I really want to thank Groupon for saving me 43% per ticket. Kings Dominion is a fun amusement park with a decent amount of roller coaster and thrill rides, but my boys are really only interested in exploring Soak City which is the water park portion of Kings Dominion. DJ and Drew are not into roller coasters, but they did occupy themselves by riding some of the less thrilling rides like the Bad Apple and the Scrambler. I tried to coax them onto a few more rides, but once they saw Chik-fil-A, all bets were off.


They knew Soak City opened at noon so they timed their lunch perfectly by telling me they were hungry at 11:30 am. I'm not even going to comment on how much it cost because it's only going to make me mad. Nevertheless, by the time we got to Soak City I forgot all about it because Drew reminded me that I wasn't quite prepared for the water park like their mother would have been. No towels or swim shoes or sun block.

But dad, we need towels!
— Drew Turner

I looked them both in the eyes and I said Gunny Highway said "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome." Does Heartbreak Ridge ring a bell? But dad, we need towels! Obviously, they had never heard of Heartbreak Ridge, so I went and bought a Kings Dominion towel. I'm not going to comment on it because it's only going to make me mad.

You didn’t bring our goggles did you?
— DJ Turner

Even though I forgot their goggles too, we spent the entire time at Soak City which made sense because the temperatures were above 90 degrees. The boys could not get enough of Hurricane Heights, Pipeline Peak and their favorite Big Wave Bay. They also spent time at the Soak City Splash House before the thunderstorms chased everyone out of the water park. I shelled out a few extra buck inside the park, but I did save money on the tickets. Plus we had a great time!

Spending My Birthday with My Family

Spending My Birthday with My Family

Cycling on the Mount Vernon Trail

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