Apple Watch apps.

Apple Watch apps.

The Apple Watch Series 3: My Worst Fears Confirmed

Not only do I consider myself an early adopter in regards to technology; my home is completely inundated with Apple products. From the Apple TV to the iMac to portable Apple devices, there is practically an Apple device in every room of my home. Despite my families’ love affair with Apple, I did not have much interest in the Apple Watches.

When the Apple Watch first hit the shelves back in 2015, I did not give it a second look. It wasn’t because I didn’t think it was a piece of useful technology. I always thought it served as a unique extension of your iPhone, provided your iPhone was in striking distance. The reason I did not want to procure the Apple Watch is I was afraid I would no longer want to wear my other watches.

“Always ready for the pool or ocean.”

I stayed away as long as I could. I let the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 bypass me like a man waiting for a train without a ticket and then it happened. Apple stated their Series 3 watch was swimproof and I have a pool and I love the beach. Not to mention, I lost an iPhone or two to the pool. Okay, so what else can it do?

  • Make calls and sends text
  • Play music
  • Update my calendar and set reminders
  • Capture my workouts
  • Make financial transactions
  • Get notifications

And just like that, I had a bunch of watches in my watch box wondering if they will ever be draped across my wrist again. Now I do not have the freedom of cellular, but if you desire to be away from your phone, you can get the Series 3 with GPS + Cellular that starts at $399. I opted for the GPS version, which starts at $329.

The Apple Watch is a fascinating piece of technology and it has almost rendered my other watches useless. I have some very nice watches and I still wear them, but not that often. A good friend of mine said to me, “Why do I want to wear a watch that only tells time?” Now why would anyone want to do that.